Our California Trip 2006

John and Sammie's Travels To Disneyland -Sundial Bridge-Lava Tubes National Park!

June 23 -Leaving home and Arriving at Disneyland

Disneyland Disneyland

Oh Wow the crowds

Didn't expect this many people.

The Big Bear

The Big Bear"

The Bear I got some great shots fronm different angles.

The Castle

The Castle

One of our favorite Places at Disneyland.

The Cannery

The Cannery

Replicia of the Cannery Monterey ,CA.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

What started the whole thing.

The Tower of Doom

The Tower of Doom

Ride it??? NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!

The Wild Water Ride

The Wild Water Ride

Slide Down the mountain this looks like cool fun.

Pinocchio's Daring Journey-Photo's by Barbara Trevino

Pinocchio's Daring Journey

Photo's by Barbara Trevino

The Railroad at Disneyland-Photo's by Barbara Trevino

The Railroad at Disneyland

Ride The Rail.Photo's by Barbara Trevino

More Disnayland

Some kind of ballet?

I'm not sure what this is forgot to ask.

The Castle up Close

open the gate see all the people

good place to people watch.

People Rushing to the Castle

Inside Disneyland

Way to many people

M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E Mickey Mouse

More Disnayland-


Parade of Dreams

Disneyland Parade

This is nice too.

Tom Sawyer Island at Disneyland

Tom Sawyer Island

Carrie Crosno.



This is Carries Favorite
John and Sammie's California, Oregon Trip Page One

These are pictures we took on a trip to Tule Lake,California. Michael and Josh our Great Grand Kids went with us to the Lavabeds National Park Northern California This is a great Place to visit if your in that area. The Caves are deep and some require almost a mile hike in to see them but it is well worth it. The Ice floor cave is great too but it is steep going down to the frozen ice lot of steep stair wells the rails are ice cold. Some caves were closed due to the Bats nesting season. We also went to the Redding Sundial Bridge beautiful Bridge across the Sacramento River Pedestrian traffic only also a very nice Museum.

Tule Lake California

Leaving for the Lava Beds

We started out early and it still wasn't enough time to explore all the caves would have been better if we had taken 2 days. We drove around the lake to get to the Lavebeds.

The Lava Beds National Park California

Lave Beds National Park

Very Long drive around the lake to get to the Lavabeds.

Maps Of The Caves At Lava Beds National Park California

Lave Beds Map

Very Long drive around to the Caves but well worth it.

After visiting the Visitor Center, Where they gave us lanterns so we could see what we were doing, then off to the caves.

The Cave

Josh is Entering the great Cave.

Very big cave

Entering Cave 1

Some of the cave were easy to enter some were hard as they were very narrow entrance.

Entering Ice Cave (Skull Cave)

Entering Cave 2

We saw these beautiful caves for the first time.

The Skull Cave.

Michael,Sammie,Josh Looking into the Cave

A Very deep cave.

Another Big Cave

Michael pointing out another entrance into the Cave


Mighty Michael entering the Cave Alone.

Michael going into the Cave

A Very deep cave. going down to the ice floor.

Long walk to the bottom

Next 2 Pictures are the frozen Ice floor hard to believe how cold it was down there.

The Ice Floor Looks like hidden treasures

Looks like hidden treasures

Climbing out up those steep stairs just about did me in lol. But it was well worth it.

Another Picture View

Another Picture

I never realized how big these caves are wow!.

Petroglyph Mountain

Petroglyph Mountain

Petroglyphs all over this lone mountain so much stuff that they can't tell what is real or what is fake.

Captain Jacks Strong Hold

To Tired to walk it.

Sammie and the Great Grand Kids did though ..this is where Capt Jack held off the Calvery for days with just a few men if they had had more supplies I don't think the calvery could not have gotten the Indians, I'ts a great story. Escape Route..How could 160 Modoc men ,women and children,along with their dogs and horses, withdraw from the Stronghold overnight without alerting the troops bivouaked on either side? This question has puzzled both Army leaders and historians, Many have assumed that the Modocs "sneaked up" some "lava trench" or "gully" probably with the connivance and "help" of the Warm Springs scouts." Areal photographs and modern maps of the terrian, however, make it quite clear that the Modocs simply walked southward from their living quarters, keeping on the flat and easily traversed surface of the lava plateau. Thus they avoided the rough and deep trenches. By dawn they could eaisly have reached a new supply of water in the Ice caves, now called Captain Jack's Ice Cave and Frozen River Cave, which lies about 5 to 6 miles south. 60 men held off a Army of 20 times that size.

Mount Shasta

Beautiful Mt. Shasta, California

Took lots of pictures while going around Mt. Shasta.

Touring the Beautiful Sundial Bridge in Redding ,California.

The Bridge

Glows at night

Mount Shasta

Beautiful Mt. Shasta, California

Took lots of pictures while going around Mt. Shasta.

Another View of the Bridge

Great Place to Visit

Bridge is for foot traffic across the Sacramento River

Side View of the Bridge

Side View

Another view.

The Dial .

The Dial

Josh and Mike checking out the dial to see what time it is. It was about 3:20 pm when we were there.

Sacramento River.

Sacramento River.

Looking Out Over The Sacramento River.

The Flower Garden.

The Garden

Lot of beautiful Flowers also there is a great museum, and Monarch butterfly area.

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